Wrong Tr4ck

3/\/j01 @ \/1$1t l-l3r3!_!

Married to Insomnia

It’s like I’m married to insomnia, divorced from euphoria, eating another plate of lasange, reminds me of the days when I lived in california.

It’s been three nights in a row, my mind is starting to feel slow, as my stamina is running low, drinking red wine from a bottle with a label; “Chateau”.

Ugh, how lame, another cheesy war game, they all seem the same, and who cares how much I score! Just like skyward sword, this game is making me feel even more bored.

Oh, what do you know! Another ALS ice bucket challenge clip,

But where’s the check for the clinic? Common! No use trying to give me that guilt trip. It’s just I find it so dumb to make it a tradition, like a bum trying to regain his reconition.

If you want to support them, then pay up! So simple to think of from what’s around your brain stem… It’s ummm your actual brain… Like as in you use it?

Just I wanted that to rhyme, using what I have left from my spare time.

Don’t look so grim, at least you looked good in your underwear, freezing yourself somewhere out there. In the cold yea, I get it! It’s bold! So you say. Oh boy! In that case I’ll watch it in replay!

THANK YOU! My eyes are open now! I feel like a sea cow now! woof! woof! Greetings to you too Mr. chow chow!

It’s you know.. that dog with the blue tongue? Okay… so just take a deep breath from your lung… x2.

There was just no other way to get that to rhyme man, Hey! Do I look like a guy with a plan? So be gay, as in being happy, yay!

Who am I to judge? I’m just feeling distraught, my mind is becoming fudge, teid up in a french knot.

So if you’ll excuse me, this grouch is going to pass out on his couch.

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